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Strike Specials

September Focus: Stay Active. Stay Accountable.


Don't let your artistic integrity wither from the Strike!

Yes, go out there & support the labor dispute.

Just don't forget the importance of keeping your skills & materials sharp for when it ends & we're back to work.


September Specials are here.


Four Week Coaching Session

Meet with me weekly for 4x 30 minute sessions.


Week 1: Consultation on materials (headshot, demo, etc.)

Week 2: Guest Star Scene

Week 3: Guest Star/Recurring Scene

Week 4: Recurring/Series Regular Scene


Career Consultations


Join me for a one-on-one about your career. What is or isn't working? Do you have the right headshots? Does your Actors Access page truly represent you?

For the months of September or October only:


"I'm Staying Accountable" Coaching

Twice a month coaching with me until the strike ends.

$150 per month

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